How can MelpApp bring great results for your business?

Invite your team members anytime: ​ With a one-click invite option, you can invite all your team members or remote employees, freelancers and anyone you wish to collaborate within the world. You can invite them by just typing their name or email ID. MelpApp sends a notification to
the user you have invited and once they accept you get notified and then you can start communicating with them.

Hassle free one-on-one and group calls with just a click: ​ You can now take one on one calls with your teammates easily without any interruption. Also, get your entire group on the same call with just a single click.

Create custom discussion channels and bring in new ideas:​ Anyone can create custom teams to enhance the level of discussion and communication. It helps all the team members to participate and exchange ideas, get them executed, and everyone is aware of the updates taking place in a team.

Schedule one on one and team meetings in a short period, it will notify all the participants: ​ Easier way to schedule meetings by sharing your calendar.

Send a voicemail when something comes up on priority:​ Other than the text messages you can also send voicemails in case of urgency.

Built with AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption, MelpApp is the safest way to share confidential information. Plus, you own all your data, and your employees won’t have access to it if they leave your company. Sign up with ​ MelpApp ​ now!

So when are you turning into a Melper?