Melpers, Take Advantage Of This Smart Team Collaboration Tool

With workplaces getting dynamic by the day, getting the right set of people to collaborate seamlessly is a major management concern. ​ Team communication​ is formative if it happens the right way. ​ Team collaboration apps​ are becoming popular by the day and helping workplaces evolve in ways never conceived before. Resultantly, a score of ​ collaboration platforms​ are coming up every day promising better team
synchronization. Despite so many of them, most teams will agree that they are left needing for better collaboration. Melp (​ Multi-Enterprise Linking Platform)​ or Melp was built keeping in mind just that. This ​ team collaboration app​ is loaded with robust features just to ease the pinch that most teams and workplaces feel when they are just
about to put their heads together.

Not anymore, we assure. Here’s why Melp should be your team’s go-to ​ collaboration app.

All-in-one: A collaboration app like no other

Most ​ online collaboration tools ​ are built to make ​ team communication​ simple. Many have failed because they ended up getting complex for users. With Melp’s ​ simple UI and smooth usage, work-at hand will get done while innovators focus on business first– each time, every time. We have paid attention to the minutest of details to exceed your expectations. It is the first of its kind ​ project collaboration tool​ that brings all features under an umbrella. For instance, ​ Melp allows calls between multiple devices. One click and your remote team is now not just closer but efficient as well. It prevents any kind of workplace distractions that you would normally find happening when managing and taking work from one ​ collaboration platform​ to the other.

There’s more. On a regular day, how do you communicate with someone from your organization in a different location? Well, most often you make do with the resources at hand because it is difficult to reach out. What if we tell you that you can now search for anyone across your organization by their title, department, project and location! This means that even if you do not know the person, you could just feed in your requirements into Melp and find what you were searching for!

You can s​ hare your documents, files, images and videos instantly within your work circle. The receiver will be alerted through a push notification. ​ Even conversation threading never got easier than this. This ​ collaboration platform​ will keep your discussions flowing by organizing communication threads by topic, project, teams etc. So find what you need quickly. You can now focus on ideating, problem solving and brainstorming—leave the rest to Melp.​ It also brings audio and video conferencing onto a single platform. A smart calendar keeps you in the know of who’s available, who’s not
for a meeting you are planning. It assists you in scheduling a meeting or a brainstorming session as per everyone’s convenience. You can sync this ​ team collaboration app with your Google or office calendar as well. Also sync your Office 360 or Google account contacts to build your network. This means you can integrate Melp with the services you already use. Invite users to communicate with them or to add them to a group or team. Melp is an effortless way to stay in touch and do much more. Think of Melp as an umbrella offering a collection of capabilities so do more and get work done
faster from anywhere, anytime.

Boost employee engagement and participation by giving them the easiest
collaboration tool​ on the market, right in the palm of their hands and on their workstations.

Easy-to-use, one-stop platform for all your team collaboration

Melp is a ​ collaboration tool​ that will fit into every business. We understand what it means to go beyond, further and faster each day. Melp is around to bridge the distance between geographies and foster better ​ project collaboration ​ helping large or even disparate teams stay on the same page. It even blurs the difference between a workspace and one’s home making it easier for evolving workplaces to facilitate work-from-home and remote opportunities. Businesses spanning geographies will find Melp a central location to create and connect on great ideas, shifting work culture in a
favorable way that fits all, across the board. It also paves way for easy on boarding of new partners such as freelancers and other service providers. Here’s how. Whether you are across the hall or across the globe, MelApp helps you stay in sync. Most ​ team collaboration tools ​ focus more on one or a few features and that is exactly why Melp is different. Juggling between four to five business platforms can be detrimental to a team’s efficiency and this is Melp provides a unified platform where calls, messages, discussions, conferences can keep flowing while the team focuses on what it must, that
is, productivity. Simpler to say, do more with Melp. Melp helps improved collaboration where the focus is on cutting down on juggling and relocating that energy into better output. ​ Team communication tools​ such as Melp enrich employee experience by centralizing work management resulting into better visibility, effective planning and cost-efficiency, to be sure. Driving your business communication to enhance productivity just got easier.

100 percent data privacy

We understand what data means for business. Data is what differentiates you, data is what empowers you. This is exactly why Melp is built with AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption. This ​ team collaboration app​ ensures that all your important information stays with you at all times. Your employees and co-workers will not be able to access such data if they leave your company. For companies that find many of the available project collaboration ​ tools unreliable, Melp is where people, applications and confidential information come together securely. It is the future of ​ project collaboration, ​ it is the future of work.​ ​ Stay secure, stay smart with Melp.

Get set with Melp!

Now, email your copywriter in London, share a file with your web developer in Thailand, make a direct phone call to your social media manager in L.A. — organize a video chat with all three with a single tap! Engineered to perfection for powerful workplaces, d​iscover a better way of working with Melp! It’s just as on-the-go as you are.